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Bach Flower Remedies along with other Flower Essences can assist in the modification of problematic behaviour of today's stressed and anxious cat..

Really there is no doubt that many of the complementary therapies available to animals these days are originating from the field of human medicine.

In recent years there has been significant move towards complementary therapy. There are many experts, now, in different fields of alternative medicine.
Everybody knows that in many cases drugs are not the only possible solution to an illness, on the contrary in some cases even doctors recommend alternative solutions for treatment.
Us, humans, are aware of these possible therapies for ourselves and as we are in most cases caring parents for our furry babies and we want what is best for them, which means available alternative therapies for our animals too.
Unfortunately even in our days, the veterinary profession has been very slow in accepting complementary therapies in the treatment of animals, although now there seems to be a growing number of vets who do accept and even recommend the use of such therapies.

So in these pages we'll try to give some basic information on alternative therapies and advice that they can facilitate the treatment of our furry, friends without suggesting that these therapies should substitute any medication recommended by the pet's vet. . WE DON'T RECOMMEND that an animal should not have the expert opinion of a vet first BUT WE DO SUGGEST that they are other possible treatments that they can improve the health of that animal.


Some facts about the uses of Bach flower essences and basic advice and recommendations

Bach's Flower Remedies seem to have a great success in helping with many behavioural problems and there are widely recognised as an acceptable method for humans and animals alike.
An easy way to use Bach's flower essences is to add 4 drops of the essence into the cat's drinking water each day. Alternative you can give the drops directly into the mouth or rubbed into the skin of the throat or behind the ears.

Rescue Remedy
This is the most fundamental flower remedy for you or your cat and it can be used for injuries, crisis, shock, trauma, or any emergency situation. The Rescue Remedy is safe and it can be used every hour or so if consider necessary.

Remedies for usually observed conditions in Animals:

  • Abuse or neglect: Often a combination of these conditions may be experienced by cats that are being rehomed from a shelter so it is recommended to use: Aspen (unknown fears), Larch (self-confidence), Pine (if an animal feels guilty for doing something wrong), Star of Bethlehem (for shock)..

  • Aggressiveness: If this is biting behaviour, Snapdragon (FES) can help; for overdominating animals Vine. Cherry Plum can help when terror leads to aggression.

  • Aloofness: This is quite common in cats but Water Violet can also help any pet who displays this kind behaviour.

  • Apathy: Wild Rose is a helpful remedy for this condition but it is needed to take into consideration that apathy can be also a sign of illness.

  • Bad Habits (General): Chestnut Bud can help

  • Changed Circumstances, Surroundings, Household: Cats are especially place-conscious and extremely aware of new smells and sensations, but Beech can be helpful to any animal who is reacting negatively to a new environment or household member along with Walnut which is for transitions and any kind of change

  • Fear: Mimulus is for all identifiable fears (like loud noises, visiting the vet, people, etc.). If the fear turns to be terror then Rock Rose can be valuable. Aspen is helpful for unknown fears, for example for fears that they are picking up from others. If you are having a fearful time your animal will pick up this and then he will express it himself. Animals in hospitals can also pick up on the fears of other animals (and in particual they can be aware of other pets' deaths).

  • Grief (loss of a human or companion animal): Sweet Chestnut is helpful for despair; Honeysuckle may help heal the longing for the past or for a departed companion animal or human.

  • Grooming Excessive: Crab Apple (for a feeling of uncleanliness).

  • Chronic or Critical Illnesses: Gorse can help if it seems that the pet has decided to die. Olive can help in cases of physical exhaustion.

  • Housebreaking problems: A combination of Cherry Plum (for the inability to control unwanted behaviour) and Chestnut Bud (for failing to learn from mistakes).

  • Jealously: Holy

  • Possessiveness: Chicory is recommended which can also help with separation anxiety

  • Submissiveness: Centaury for the animal which lets other animals push it around. Larch can also help by adding self-esteem. (Note: The pusher may need Vine)

  • Worrying: Constant pacing or meowing/crying can indicate mental distress, which can be helped by White Chestnut. Although, you need to make sure that all is well in the cat's environment as this behaviour can also be a warning of danger.

  • How to use Bach Flower Remedies

    The drops of a remedy can be directly applied onto or under an animal's tongue, dropped onto the animal's nose where they can be licked off, administered with food or fluids, or on treats. They should be given once or twice a day, preferably at the same time. Several drops of the remedy can be mixed in water and sprayed onto the animal's body, especially with frightened animals. Bathing or sponging the animal with water to which a few drops of the remedy has been added may also be useful. Animals respond almost immediately to remedies which are correctly being selected. The effects may be overnight or sooner, but may also take much longer with a chronic pattern. If the response is good, the dose can be gradually decreased and discontinued when no longer needed. If there is a relapse, which can happen under stress, the treatment may need to be administered another five days or longer.

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